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Pam is wonderful, gentle and personable....quite an asset!


Jul 27, 2010 10:17 AM

All staff was very attentive, polite and courteous of my situation. I was very pleased with my service and I look forward to going back on my next appt.


Jul 8, 2010 8:58 AM

I had a very pleasent visit to your office and feel like I am dealimg with a group of caring professionals


Jul 11, 2010 11:05 AM

Margarita and the entire staff always make me feel at ease and comfortable. THANK YOU!


Jun 3, 2010 3:07 PM

Pam you were great! THANK YOU!


Jul 12, 2010 12:29 PM

I was very nervous to find another dentist. The dentist and Margherita and the front desk made me feel so comfortable that I let Dr. Hanania take a tooth out during my first visit! I also liked the fact that Dr. Hanania called me the next day to see how I was doing. My husband has an appt on Monday also. I would not change anything. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome in you office.


Jul 22, 2010 10:06 AM

I will never go anywhere else. Always a great job by all in the office.


Always had the best visit with you and your staff. I have referred several family and friends to you.


Jennifer gave me great driving directions. Everyone, including Dr. H. treated me in a very warm, empathetic manner. I felt that getting my pain addressed and developing an action plan for my individual dental needs were first priority. Personal service is alive and well!!!


Margarita and the entire staff always make me feel at ease and comfortable. THANK YOU!


Margarete is very efficient and amicable.


My visit from the time I entered the building until the moment I left could not of been improved upon. The quality of care I receive from Dr. Hanania and his staff (inparticulary Pam and Jennifer)is as perfect as one could ask. Thank you all for your efforts, in not only making, but exceeding any and all of my expectations.


Xrays taken in front of a nature window lessened the gag reflex, it's a very calming office and Margarita was delightful. Watching the food network while Pam cleaned my teeth made the time fly, and gave me a great dinner idea. Jennifer and Andrea at reception fully explained the day's charges plus those of my next three appointments, and discussed my insurance carrier's contributions. I received a detailed bill. DR. HANANIA performed a more comprehensive examination than I can remember from previous dentists. He's personable and seems to place my overall health above my concerns for cosmetic changes. I'm delighted to have been referred, and I'll be sending my husband.


You all are the greatest....great environment, wonderful professional care, friendly, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to know. Thank you for taking great care of me.


I have been with Dr. Hanania for over 5 years and every visit is a pleasure.


Everything about your practice is great doctor.


You guys are the "best" I feel blessed to have such a wonderful dentist! I met a lady at work who sayd she has the best dentist, I said oh no I have the best dentist.......we both have the best dentist... we were strangers and both had the same dentist Dr. H! lol


I'm very happy to be your patient.


No other comments... it was a great experience.




I have been going to Dr. Hanania for 5 years or more and I would not change my dentist for anything. I have anxiety when it comes to dentists, but Dr. Hanania and staff have made everyone of my visits enjoyable.


I just wanted to say that you and your staff are fantastic. You explained everything in a thorough manner and answered any questions that I had. Most medical professionals get very irritated after you ask them numerous amount of questions to get an understanding. You were very honest and patient with me. I enjoyed the visit and can not wait to come in next week to start my Clear Correct treatment!!!! Thank you.


Dr. Hanania and staff are all excellent! I always recommend you to the other people. I do think dental care is very expensive, but I do understand this is true everywhere. Thanks for your excellent service :-)


The office accommodations are aesthetically very pleasing.


We wouldn't change anything. Dr. Hanania and his staff are excellent!


Your staff were extraordinarily gracious and attentive. I was genuinely impressed and especially the "Big Guy" himself. I appreciated the time Dr. Hanania took to explain things to me and loved his excellent treatment.


Pam and staff were very courteous and professional during all phases of my visit.


Great work and very professional attitudes...,Love it!


I love Dr. Hanania and the entire staff. I have never had to wait past my appointment time, ever. Pam and Jennifer are always wonderful and professional. I recommend Dr. Hanania to everyone when the subject of dentistry comes up. I used to be a big chicken when it came to dental work and dreaded it. I have not felt that way since becoming a patient of Dr. Hanania's.


I actually enjoy my visits to the dentist! Dr. Hanania and his staff are the best. I always receive great dental service and am treated with respect and appreciation. I've referred a couple of friends to the practice already and will continue to as the opportunities arise. Did I mention that I love my teeth that Dr. Hanania created?


Andrea was very professional on the phone and as a matter of fact because she was so polite I made the decision to visit your office for the first time. Give her a raise!


Pam (as always) did a terrific job with my cleaning. She is friendly and professional (a keeper in my book).


"It's always a pleasure to see all of you!!!!!!"


"It's hard to suggest improvements because Dr. Hanania and his staff are the most personable and professional group I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I especially appreciate the fact that I have NEVER had to wait beyond my appointment time to be seen. The environment itself is comfortable and obviously designed with the patient in mind. Simply fantastic!"


"As always a great visit and a great staff. "


"Thanks for taking good care of me!"


"I think that you are the best dentist that I have ever seen and I am totally happy and I do tell anyone to at least look at your website and to give you and your team a call and at least try to have a consultation with you -- just keep up the great work!!!!! I like to always believe, 'if something isn't broken then leave it alone'. GREAT JOB FROM EVERYONE."


"Wouldn't change a thing. That's why we kept coming to you even when we lived in South FL!"


"Everyone is excellent! Can't think of any improvements."


"Just keep doing the great job you have always done!!"


"Everything was great; the staff, the Dr., everything! :)"


"No changes necessary as I am quite happy with your practice."


"Always a great experience."


"Great experience."


"Just came in for the usual 6 mo. cleaning and as always Pam is wonderful!! Really loved the old toothbrushes though...the ones with the indicator strip. They were much softer and just the right size. Pam found one that was similar, but if you find any indicator ones left over anywhere, please let me know and I will purchase a supply to last me a while. Thanks."

-S. A.

"It was GREAT to see my other family, wished it was on better terms. See you on Monday!!!!!!!!"

-W. C.

"Do not change anything!!'

-D. H.

"Thank you for accommodating my tight schedule!"

-M. L.

"Your the best!"

-J. M.

"Sunshine was excellent. She made me relax and not feel so nervous."

-B. S.

"Dr. Hanania and all of his staff are very helpful and nice."

-K. T.

"I would like to thank you, Dr. Hanania, for your outstanding patient care! As you know, I have suffered for many years with a fairly high level of dental phobia. For the first time in twenty years, I do not dread my dental appointments. I would also like to extend my gratitude to your staff, they have shown me nothing but kindness, patience, and sincere concern. You and every member of your staff have the perfect blend of professionalism and patient care. You guys are AMAZING!"

-N. V.

"When I started seeing Dr. Hanania in 2003, my mouth was a mess.  I had crooked teeth, lots of fillings, and gum disease.  I had bad teeth and gums for most of my life.  Even after wearing braces for 5 years in my mid-twenties, my teeth became crooked again after about 10 years.


I had begun treatment for my gum disease when I developed a bad headache that lasted for about 2 months with little relief.  I had several tests through my medical doctor, but in the end it was Dr. Hanania who diagnosed my problem: I was a teeth clencher and had TMD.


To solve my bit problem, I underwent a long process of having crowns on all but one of my teeth, and having a night guard made, which I wear nightly.  Since I had my teeth crowned and wear the night guard, I have not had headaches and I have no pain in my jaw from clenching my teeth.  Plus, I have beautiful, straight, white teeth, and 100% plus improved smile!  Dr. Hanania resized and reshaped my teeth so that they are more feminine, and his attention to detail made for a perfect smile.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world!"

-C. M.

"My smile was limited to a 'CLOSED LIP GRIN', until you improved it.  Thank You!!"

-R. F.

"I am a patient of Dr. Sam Hanania and have been for 6 years.  When I started this journey with Dr. Sam, my teeth and gums were in horrible condition and my home care was little to nonexistent.


Dr. Sam and his Team educated me on the great importance of good Dental Hygiene.  I learned that disease of the teeth and gums could have a direct relation to other diseases elsewhere in the body.

I did not consider dental fees as an expense, but rather an investment to my overall health.  The valuable education I received from Dr. Sam and his Team was easily worth much more than the fees I paid.

My new smile and attitude says it all!!


I appreciate all the hard work Dr. Sam did on my teeth and a debt of gratitude especially to his Team.  I feel blessed having traveled this journey with Dr. Sam and his Team of Angels."

- M. B.

"I am not sure why people are afraid to go to the dentist, especially if their dentist is Dr. Sam Hanania.  My experience with Dr. Hanania could not have been any better.  His Team is polite and knowledgeable.  They all perform their jobs with great skill and compassion.  As for Dr. Hanania, just look in the dictionary for perfectionist, you’ll find his picture there.  His work is immaculate.  My confidence in his abilities as a dentist is a ten (perfect of course).  I could not be happier with the work he has done for me.  There is no question you are in good hands with Dr. Hanania."

- N. J.

"My experience with Dr. Hanania and his Team has been almost as pleasurable as the benefits of my new cosmetic dental work.  The obvious change in my teeth and smile was unbelievable when the before and after pictures were compared.  Dr. Hanania’s excellence in his field is not only evidence through his expertise, but also in the excellence he instills through his Team.  I’ve heard that service is absent in the medical profession this is certainly not true of Dr. Hanania and his practices philosophy."

-D. S.


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