Win-Win Dental Plans

Optimal dental health has been shown, time and time again, to directly influence a person’s whole systemic health. For this reason, Mandarin Dental Professionals believes in making affordable dental plans available to residents in the Jacksonville area. Call our office at (904) 685-8851 to learn more or to request an appointment today.


Making Dental Health Affordable

We believe dental health is important to your family’s overall health, which is why our office has created a convenient and budget-friendly dental health payment plan. Any member of your family is eligible, from children to senior adults. Making affordable dental plans available for everyone is our top priority.

The basics of our Win-Win dental plan feature:

  • Saving more than 50% on most preventative services.
  • Saving 20% on any additional services.
  • Payment of a one-time annual fee.

Benefits of the Win-Win Dental Plan

  • No annual deductible.
  • No annual maximum.
  • No waiting periods.
  • Immediate eligibility.
  • No pre-authorizations.
  • No pre-existing conditions excluded.
  • No questions about what insurance will or will not pay.
  • Your entire family is eligible.
Dental Plans in Jacksonville FL

Win-Win Dental Plan Coverage Details

  • Professional cleanings. (2 per year)
  • Dental exams. (2 per year)
  • X-rays. (1 set per year)
  • Fluoride treatments. (2 per year)
  • Oral hygiene and home care instructions.
  • Oral cancer screenings.
  • 20% discount on all dental services. (Please call our office for details.)

Why Choose Mandarin Dental?

Not only does Dr. Hanania believe in making great dentistry affordable, we also do our best to create a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere for all of our patients. With our well-designed office and modern equipment, we are able to offer gentle, compassionate care with the least amount of anxiety for you and your family.

Our dental clinic also provides these first-class dental services:

Helping Create & Maintain Beautiful Smiles

Mandarin Dental is located in Jacksonville and serves the areas of Julington Creek, Switzerland, Fruit Cove, and all nearby areas. Request an appointment today by calling our office at (904) 685-8851. Along with our affordable dental plans, we gladly provide specialized dental services such as teeth whitening and dentures.