Dentures & Partials

Since 1991, Mandarin Dental Professionals has been providing custom-designed and high-quality dentures to patients in the Jacksonville area. Let our dental staff help you choose the best denture option for your unique oral health situation. Call (904) 685-8851 to request an appointment now.


Restore Your Smile with Dentures

Affordable dentures are a comfortable and convenient option for replacing missing teeth and gums. These removable appliances are created in a way that closely resembles your natural teeth as well as benefits your appearance and oral health. Full or partial dentures are a flexible option for forming that beautiful smile. The benefits of dentures include:

  • Renewed, brighter smile.
  • Fewer eating restrictions.
  • Improved speaking.
  • Facial muscle support.
  • Strengthened jaw structure.
Affordable Dental Dentures and Partials in Jacksonville FL

Types of Dentures

All dentures developed for our patients are created in state-of-the-art dental labs using only the highest quality materials. In our initial consultation, Dr. Hanania will help you choose the best type of denture care for your specific oral health.

  • Conventional dentures are fully removable dentures that replace all of your teeth.
  • Partial dentures, or overdentures, replace any missing teeth by fitting over the remaining natural teeth in your mouth.
  • Immediate dentures are temporary dentures that are inserted on the same day. All remaining teeth are extracted, allowing you to have a full set of teeth while your gums and tissue heal.

Our Custom Denture Process

At Mandarin Dental, we begin with a consultation to discuss your particular denture needs. Several appointments are needed in order to ensure a proper fit for a beautiful, lasting smile.

  • Step #1: Complete examination of the teeth and gums.
  • Step #2: Tooth extractions (if needed).
  • Step #3: Impression of gums using wax rims.
  • Step #4: Mock-up of dentures placed on gums to ensure proper fit.
  • Step #5: Placement of new custom-fitting dentures.

#1 Choice for Denture Experts

Don’t wait any longer for a full set of bright, natural-looking teeth. Call Mandarin Dental today at (904) 685-8851 to request an appointment. Our dental clinic also provides other dental services such as teeth whitening, preventative dental care, and our Win-Win Dental Plans. Located in Jacksonville, we also serve the Fruit Cove, Switzerland, and Julington Creek areas, including the surrounding communities.